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The Sudbury Devil

Directed by Andrew Rakich
Produced by Andrew Rakich and Veronika Payton
Written by Andrew Rakich
With: Benton Guinness, Linnea Gregg, Josh Popa, Matthew Van Gessel, Kendra Unique, Carl Sailor, and Andrew Rakich
Cinematography: Eduardo Urueña
Editing: Andrew Rakich
Music: Dillon M. DeRosa
Runtime: 90 min
Release Date: 09 September 2023
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Color: Color
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Andrew Rakich’s DIY feature about two 17th-century witch hunters investigating devil worship in a small Massachusetts town is a solid piece of calling card cinema. Period pieces shot with DSLR cameras invariably come off as amateur regardless of how credible the performances, but there's much to enjoy here.