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The Pigeon Tunnel

Directed by Errol Morris
Produced by Stephen Cornwell, Errol Morris, Simon Cornwell, Steven Hathaway, and Dominic Crossley-Holland
With: John le Carré, and the voice of Errol Morris
Cinematography: Igor Martinovic
Editing: Steven Hathaway
Music: Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan
Runtime: 92 min
Release Date: 20 October 2023
Color: Color
Twitter Capsule:

The latest conversation director Errol Morris had filmed, chopped up to the point of incoherence, illustrated with semi-arty pseudo-recreations, and released as a documentary should be one of his best since its subject is an author who has devoted his life to writing about deception within formal structures, but, like so many Morris movies, you come out known less than you did went you went in.