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Enys Men

Directed by Mark Jenkin
Produced by Denzil Monk
Written by Mark Jenkin
With: Mary Woodvine, Edward Rowe, Flo Crowe, John Woodvine, Joe Gray, and Loveday Twomlow
Cinematography: Mark Jenkin
Editing: Mark Jenkin
Music: Mark Jenkin
Runtime: 96 min
Release Date: 18 April 2023
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Color: Color

In what plays like a recently discovered British folk horror picture from the 1970s, Mark Jenkin’s sophomore effort takes place in 1973, on a spooky uninhabited island off the Cornish coast. A wildlife volunteer (Mary Woodvine) is stationed on the craggy, windswept landscape to make daily observations of a rare flower. Slowly she becomes aware of other entities present on the island with her. This metaphysical throwback to a bygone era of cinema was shot on location in 16mm to look and play like a movie from the period in which it takes place. Jenkin and his team create an authentic experience rather than mere gimmicky pseudo-nostalgia. Very cool of distributor NEON to release this on 35mm, which helps convey all the more the sensation of watching a film from 50 years ago.


Twitter Capsule:

In 1973 a wildlife volunteer isolates herself on an uninhabited island off the Cornish coast to observe a rare flower in Mark Jenkin’s metaphysical folk horror throwback. Shot on location in 16mm, it looks and plays like a lost film from the period.