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The Killer
Dip huet seung hung
Screening room
Twitter Capsule:
Woo's influential blend of morally ambiguous cops n' killers procedural and ornate melodrama showcases his signature slow-motion, high-flying, two-handed, double-gunned action in this homage to Scorsese, Melville, and Peckinpah; but Woo's writing and direction are too goofy and undisciplined to sustain more than 80 mins of this high stakes bromance.
Directed by John Woo
Produced by Hark Tsui

Written by John Woo

With: Yun-Fat Chow, Danny Lee, Sally Yeh, Kong Chu, Kenneth Tsang, Fui-On Shing, Wing-Cho Yip, Fan Wei Yee, Barry Wong, and Parkman Wong

Cinematography: Peter Pau and Wing-Hang Wong
Editing: Kung-Wing Fan
Music: Lowell Lo

Runtime: 111 min
Release Date: 24 March 1989
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1