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True Love
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Debut of director Savoca and star Sciorra about Italian-American couple about to be married in the Bronx. Broad ethnic characters cast and acted with authenticity, never feel like cliche stereotypes. Story so spare it can get tedious at times, but little details make film special.
Directed by Nancy Savoca
Produced by Richard Guay and Shelley Houis

Written by Nancy Savoca and Richard Guay

With: Annabella Sciorra, Ron Eldard, Aida Turturro, Roger Rignack, Star Jasper, Michael Selkirk, Kelly Cinnante, Rick Shapiro, Suzanne Costollos, Vincent Pastore, and Marianne Leone

Cinematography: Lisa Rinzler
Editing: John Tintori

Runtime: 104 min
Release Date: 15 September 1989
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1