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Miss Firecracker
Screening room
Twitter Capsule:
Though Henley's screen adaptation is not as funny or poignant as her play, this story about excentric southerners gearing up for a 4th of July beauty contest comes to life via a first-rate ensemble led by the fiercely committed Holly Hunter.
Directed by Thomas Schlamme
Produced by Fred Berner

Screenplay by Beth Henley
Based on the play The Miss Firecracker Contest by Beth Henley

With: Holly Hunter, Mary Steenburgen, Tim Robbins, Alfre Woodard, Scott Glenn, Veanne Cox, Ann Wedgeworth, Trey Wilson, Amy Wright, Robert Fieldsteel, Kathleen Chalfant. Greg Germann, Brent Spiner, and Christine Lahti

Cinematography: Arthur Albert
Editing: Peter C. Frank
Music: David Mansfield

Runtime: 102 min
Release Date: 28 April 1989
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1