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Jewison employs an odd plucky-yet-forlorn tone in this disjointed but engaging adaptation of Bobbi Ann Mason's first novel about a headstrong 17-year-old Kentucky girl living with her PTSD afflicted Vietnam vet uncle. Lloyd and Willis both seem miscast, but she really shines and he merely keeps his head above water.
Directed by Norman Jewison
Produced by Norman Jewison and Richard A. Roth

Screenplay by Frank Pierson and Cynthia Cidre
Based on the novel by Bobbie Ann Mason

With: Bruce Willis, Emily Lloyd, Joan Allen, Kevin Anderson, John Terry, Peggy Rea, Judith Ivey, Daniel Jenkins, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jim Beaver, and Ken Jenkins

Cinematography: Russell Boyd
Editing: Lou Lombardo and Antony Gibbs
Music: James Horner

Runtime: 120 min
Release Date: 29 September 1989