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Not Yet Seen in 1989

36 fillette – Catherine Breillat

84C MoPic – Patrick Sheane Duncan

All Dogs go to Heaven – Don Bluth

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt – Cedric Sundstrom

Apartment Zero – Martin Donovan

The Audition – Anna Campion

The BFG – Brian Cosgrove

Bangkok Hilton – Ken Cameron

Before the Bat’s Flight is Done – Peter Timar

Bert Rigby, You’re a Fool – Carl Reiner

Best of the Best – Robert Radler

The Big Bang – James Toback

Black Rain – Shohel Imamura

Black Rainbow – Mike Hodges

Black Rose Is an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose Is an Emblem of Love – Sergei Solovyov

Bloodhounds of Broadway – Howard Brokkner

Breaking In – Bill Forsyth

Brenda Starr – Robert Ellis Miller

C.H.U.D II Bud the C.H.U.D. – David K. Irving

Cameron’s Closet – Armand Mastroianni

Camille Claudel

Cat Chaser – Abel Ferrara

Chameleon Street – Wendell B. Harris Jr.

Chandni – Yash Chopra

Checking Out – David Leland

Cheetah – Jeff Blyth

Cimere – Clair Devers

A City of Sadness – Hou Hsiaao-hsien

Cohen and Tate – Eric Red

Cold Feet – Robert Dornhelm

Collision Course – Lewis Teague

Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt – Rob Epstein / Jeffrey Friedman

A Chorus of Disapproval – Michael Winter

Criminal Law – Martin Cambell

Crusoe – Caleb Deschanel

Cyborg – Albert Pyun

Dead Bang – John Frankenheimer

Dealers – Colin Bucksey

The Delinquents – Chris Thomson

Dimenticare Palermo – Francesco Rosi

Disorganized Crime – Jim Kouf

Dream a Little Dream – Marc Rocco

The Dressmaker – Jim O’Brien

The Ear (Ucho) – Karel Kachyna

Eat a Bowl of Tea – Wayne Wang

Echoes of Paradise – Phillip Noyce

Edge of Sanity – Gerard Kikoine

Eversmile, New Jersey – Carlos Sorin

The Experts – Dave Thomas

Fool’s Mate – Mathieu Carriere

For All Mankind – Al Reinert

For Queen and Country – Martin Stellman

Francesco – Liliana Cavani

Freeze Die Come to Life – Vitali Kanevsky

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – Rob Hedden

Gang of Four – Jacques Rivette

Getting it Right – Randal Kleiser

Ghosts Can’t Do It – John Derek

Gleaming the Cube – Graeme Clifford

Godzilla vs. Biollante – Kazuki Omori

Gross Anatomy – Thom Eberhardt

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – Dominique Othenin-Girard

Hathyar – J.P Dutta

Heart of Dixie – Martin Davidson

Heart of Midnight –

Hit List – Walter Lustig

Homer and Eddie – Andrei Konchalovsky

The Horror Show – James Isaac

Houseboat Horror – Flanagan / Martin

Identity Crisi – Melvin Van Peebles

An Innocent Man – Peter Yates

Interrogation – Ryszard Bugajski

Jackknife – David Jones

Je Suis le seigneur du chateau – Regis Wargnier

Jesus of Montreal – Denys Arcand

John’s Not Mad –

K-9 – Rod Daniel

The Karate Kid, Part III – John G. Avildsen

Kickboxer – Mark DiSalle / David Worth

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Hayao Miyazaki

The Killer – John Woo

King of the Wind – Peter Duffell

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjetcs – J. Lee Thompson

La lectrice – Michel Deville

Le petit Amour – Agns Varda

Leningrad Cowboys Go American – Aki Kaurismaki

Lost Angels – Hugh Hudson

Life and Nothing But – Bertand Tavernier

Little Monsters – Richard Alan Greenberg

Little Sweetheart – Anthony Simmons

Lock Up – John Flynn

Main Pyar Kiya (I Fell in Love) – Sooraj R. Barjatya

Major League – David S. Ward

Marquis – Henri Xhonneux

The Mahabaharta – Peter Brook

Meet the Hollowheads – Thomas R. Rurrman

Melancholia – Andi Engel

Ministry of Vengeance –

Miss Firecracker – Thomas Schlamme

Miracles – Jackie Chan

Monsieur Hire – Patrice Leconte

My 20th Centruy – Ildiko Enyedi

Milo and Otis – Masanori

Next of Kin – John Irvin

Night Game – Peter Masterson

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child – Stephen Hopkins

No Holds Barred – Thomas J. Wright

Nowhere to Run – Carl Frankin

O Sangue – Pedro Costa

Old Gringo – Luis Puenzo

Parinda – Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Physical Evidence – Michael Crichton

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege – Peter Bonerz

Powwow Highwat – Jonathan Wacks

Prancer – John D. Handcock

The Punisher – Mark Goldblatt

Puppet Master – David Schmoller

Queen of Hearts – Jon Amiel

Ramiji Rao Speaking – Siddique-Lal

The Rachel Papers – Damian Harris

Red Scorpion – Joseph Zito

Red Wood Pigeon – Nanni Moretti

Relentless – William Lustig

Renegades – Jack Sholder

The Return of the Musketeers – Richard Lester

Resurrected – Paul Greengrass

Reunion – Jerry Schatzberg

La Revolution francaise – Robert Enrico

River of Death – Alistair Maclean

Road House – Rowdy Herrington

Rojo Amancer – Jorge Fons

Roselyne et les lins – Jean-Jacques Beineix

Salute of the Jugger – David Webb Peoples

Santa Sangre (Holy Blood) – Alejandro Jodorowsky

Shaso – Toshio Masuda

She’s Out of Control – Stan Dragoti

Signs of Life – John David Coles

Sing – Richard J. Baskin

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland – Michael A. Simpson

Slipstream – Steven Lisberger

Society – Brian Yuzna

Speed Zone – Jim Drake

Splendor – Ettore Scola

Split – Chris Shaw

Staying Together –Lee Grant

The Sotry of Boys and Girls – Pupi Avati

Story of Woman – Clausde Chabrol

Speaking Parts – Atom Egoyan

Strapless – David Hare

Tank Malling – James Marcus

Ten Little Indians – Alan Berkinshaw

The Tenth One in Hiding – Lina Wetmuller

That Summer of White Roses – Rajko Grlic

Termini Station – Allan King

Tetsue: The Iron Man – Shinya Tsukamoto

Thick Skinned – Patricia Mazuy

Three Fugitives – Francis Verber

Too Beautiful for You –Bertand Bilier

Torrents of Spring – Giles Foster

The Toxic Avenger Part II – Kaufman / Herz

The Toxic Avenger Part III – Kaufman / Herz

Transylvania Twist – Jim Wynorski

Triumph of the Spirit – Robert M. Young

Troop Beverly Hills – Jeff Kanew

Tropical Snow – Ciro Duran

Tridev – Rajiv Rai

Trop belle pour toi – Bertrand Dlier

True Believer – Joseph Ruben

War Requiem – Derek Jarman

Welcome Home – Franklin Schaffner

What Time is It – Ettore Scola

When Whales Came – Clive Rees

Who’s Harry Crumb? – Paul Flaherty

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East – Bae Yong-kyun

Wicked Stepmother – Larry Cohen

Wilt – Michael Tuchner

Winter People – Ted Kotcheff

The Winter War – Pekka Parikka

The Wizard – Todd Holland

Wodaabe – Hersmen of the Sun – Werner Herzog

The Wolves of the Willoughby Chase – Stuart Orme

Worth Winning – Will Mackenzie

The Woman of the Roof (Kvinnorna pa taket) – Carl-Gustav Nykvist

Yaaba – Idrissa Ouedraogo