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The seventh continent post
The Seventh Continent
Theater cinema
Twitter Capsule:
Haneke's theatrical feature debut—which chronicles three years in the life of a middle-class family estranged from, or perhaps the product of, modern European culture—firmly establishes the Austrian writer/director as a master of clinical (and cynical) societal observation.
Directed by Michael Haneke
Produced by Veit Heiduschka

Written by Michael Haneke and Johanna Teicht

With: Birgit Doll, Dieter Berner, Leni Tanzer, Udo Samel, Silvia Fenz, Robert Dietl, Elisabeth Rath, Georges Kern, and Georg Friedrich

Cinematography: Anton Peschke
Editing: Marie Homolkova

Runtime: 104 min
Release Date: 19 May 1989
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1