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Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins
First run Screening room
Twitter Capsule:
A warm and informative tribute to the famed Texas journalist, author, feminist, political commentator, and raconteur told by those who knew her and those who followed in her footsteps.
Directed by Janice Engel
Produced by Janice Engel, James Egan, and Carlisle Vandervoort

Written by Janice Engel and Monique Zavistovski

With: Harold Cook, Jim Hightower, Andy Ivins, Margo Johnston, Charles Kaiser, Paul Krugman, Anne Lamott, Linda Jann Lewis, Myra MacPherson, Rachel Maddow, Marty Maley, Sara Ivins Maley, Dave McNeely, Betsy Moon, Muffie Moroney, Victor Navasky, Kaye Northcott, Terry O'Rourke, Dan Rather, Cecile Richards, Anne Siefert, Sara Speights, Ellen Sweets, Forrest Wilder, and Anthony Zurcher

Cinematography: Kristy Tully
Editing: Monique Zavistovski

Runtime: 93 min
Release Date: 06 September 2019
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1