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First run Theater cinema
Twitter Capsule:
Hood follows up his excellent drone warfare thriller Eye In The Sky with another well cast, well-told tale of political suspense; based on the true story of GCHQ whistleblower Katharine Gun who exposed the illegality of Britain's entry into the Iraq war.
Directed by Gavin Hood
Produced by Ged Doherty, Elizabeth Fowler, and Melissa Shiyu Zuo

Screenplay by Gregory Bernstein, Sara Bernstein, and Gavin Hood
Based on the book The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War by Marcia Mitchell and Thomas Mitchell

With: Keira Knightley, Matt Smith, Matthew Goode, Rhys Ifans, Adam Bakri, Ralph Fiennes, Conleth Hill, Tamsin Greig, Hattie Morahan, and Jeremy Northam

Cinematography: Florian Hoffmeister
Editing: Megan Gill
Music: Paul Hepker and Mark Kilian

Runtime: 111 min
Release Date: 30 August 2019
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1