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Incredibles 2
First run Screening room
Twitter Capsule:
Decent premise, some playful invention, but the story of a superhero family in a world where superheroes are illegal suffers from the same problems of most modern superhero movies: overtly stated themes, a lousy villain, and too many damn superheroes.
Directed by Brad Bird
Produced by John Walker and Nicole Paradis Grindle

Written by Brad Bird

With: the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Catherine Keener, Eli Fucile, Bob Odenkirk, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Bird, Sophia Bush, Brad Bird, Phil LaMarr, Isabella Rossellini, Adam Gates, Jonathan Banks, John Ratzenberger, Bill Wise, Nicholas Bird, Paul Eiding, and Barry Bostwick

Cinematography: Mahyar Abousaeedi and Erik Smitt
Editing: Stephen Schaffer
Music: Michael Giacchino

Runtime: 118 min
Release Date: 15 June 2018
Aspect Ratio: 2.39 : 1